Motorcycle helmet reflective tape.

I bought myself a new Arai tourx3 helmet but wanted to make it extra safe for nightime visibility. I had some ‘high conspicuity’ sticky-back tape, so set about cutting and applying different patterns following the shape of the helmet. in France, by law you need  reflective stickers on your helmet. I don’t know why ALL helmets don’t automatically come with some sort of  reflective Hi-vis markings to keep us safe at night? The tape I bought quite cheap off the internet, I got white and some red for the back. I like the checker pattern it gives it a bit of a racey feel. Although great at night it also has a kinda silvery metallic look in the daylight, it was not intentional but is also looks a bit star wars themed(x-wing/tie fighter pilots) which is ok with me. I have seen similar ideas on a few motorbike touring forums and thought I’d share and maybe inspire someone else to do similar. All you need is a sharpie marker, metal ruler, craft knife and scissors. The tape is 50mm wide so the squares are 25x25mm. Some bits I drew round tracing paper for a template and then cut one piece and reversed it for the other side. RIDE SAFE!

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